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Aircraft Management

AFG will work closely with the aircraft owners to keep operation of the aircraft efficient and smooth while keeping operational costs down. We will provide cost-effective maintenance options to ensure FAA compliance. Safe and legal operation of your aircraft will be of the utmost importance.

AFG will maintain a current pool of highly qualified pilots; with extensive backgrounds in military, Department of Defense, Part 135 charter and/or Part 121 airline operations. Our pilots will ensure that the owner’s experience is optimal and customer service is provided at the highest level. AFG and it's pilots will always maintain the privacy, confidentiality, and comfort of the passengers.

AFG will ensure the aircraft is clean, stocked, and provisioned at the owner’s request. The airplane will be cleaned and re-stocked following every flight day. AFG will guarantee that the airplane is left in a “ready” condition with the ability to be dispatched on short notice, requiring only a fuel order and desired catering.


Interior/Exterior aircraft washing, and detailing will be arranged by mutual agreement with the owners.

American Flight Group will ease the workload and level of concern for the owners and management.  We will provide solutions, not problems. Our goal is to relieve the owners of any trepidation and keep things moving as smoothly as possible. 

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