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Aircraft Detailing

Detailing is a form of preventative maintenance.

We at American Flight Group, partnered with JETTEQ LLC, provide only the best quality of care for your airplane as we are pilots and aircraft owners ourselves.

We will protect your asset through the commitment and pride of workmanship that only professional pilots can provide. We personally train our detailers to provide only the best care for your airplane.


When any services are provided, one of the owners of AFG or JETTEQ will personally be on site to provide the highest levels of care for your aircraft.

Leave it to us to keep your airplane looking its best, and in the air where it belongs.

Detailing Services



We utilize only the best products. We will review your airplane to determine the best course of action and options for your airplane to suit your budget.


Interior Cleaning/Sanitization:


With the flexibility of choosing a quick or full interior service; every surface inside your aircraft from the cockpit to the lav is cleaned, sanitized and protected.

Brightwork/Metal Restoration:

Designed to remove scratches, pitting, and hazing from your aircraft’s metal surfaces; this multi-stage process will remove these items and leave your metal with a deep, mirror-like shine.


Paint Repair/Restoration

De-Ice Boot Care/Restoration:

Using a multi-step process; we will remove buildup, clean the boot surface, and apply several layers of sealant to make certain the life of your boots and appearance are extended.


The result is a boot that looks new and will resist fading and failure.


​Landing Gear Wells:

With the utmost care to ensure sensitive areas are not damaged, your landing gear and wells will look like new.

As pilots, we know the sophistication and costs of your machine and will ensure there is no margin for error.

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