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Custom-Tailored Aircraft Management

Enjoy the reliability, convenience, and privacy of aircraft ownership without the expense and intricacies of being in the aviation business. We provide a dedicated team of aviation specialists at the ready, whether to schedule your next flight or handle the tedious business aspects of ownership. Much like having your own flight department, 24/7/365. 

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About American Flight Group

At American Flight Group, we live and breath private aviation. We are a varied group of aviators and aviation enthusiasts that bring a wide area of expertise to our clients.

We love to solve problems and provide the best solutions to our clients. Our approach to a problem is to find a user-focused and design-driven solution that is simple yet functional and effective.

We are a small management group; you will be treated well, and your airplane will be operated in a safe, efficient manner with cost in mind.

We have made it our mission to be the leaders in solutions that protect and give our clients the edge they need to succeed with their private aircraft. 

Why Choose Us
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